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About Rush Radio

Why are we here?

First of all I love Rush! I was interested in online radio technology way back in the day. There really is no other band I like enough to dedicate this type of time to. I have been listening to Rush since 1982 or so. It's like their music and I were supposed to meet in this life:) I am now 43 years old and still LOVE them. I have seen Rush live many times and this next tour will put me over 50 shows. Rush fans are one of kind and I have met so many cool people through the years via this website. We get together during tours and meet up in different cities. We made a banner for the Snakes and Arrows Tour. We even had Alex sign the banner ! The banner has been backstage and photographed with Geddy and Alex. We all have the one thing in common, a love for the band Rush:)


Please enjoy the site.

KK = Kubla Ken

About Ken...

My name is Ken Shipley and I am also known by a great many as "Kubla Ken" or KK for short. I started this thing way back a long time ago and really had no idea it would be so popular! We travel all over the country following 3 nut heads around and partying till we can't see straight! I live in Huntsville, Texas and run a few businesses such as: Kship Web Hosting and Huntsville TECHS. We also have the local bowling alley here in town which my brother Kevin runs and does well I might say:)

My wife and I LOVE Rush and we travel the USA to see them on tour. Rush ON!

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About Jon...

Jon King came along in the early days and offered to assist us with our bandwidth issues! We could not survive without Jon and we appreciate him very much. A little more about Jon below:

"I stand 8 foot tall and reside in sunny Northern California where I sometimes hold up the Golden Gate Bridge with one arm while they fix it! Otherwise I am traveling the world giving lessons on what it takes to be a King!"

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Rush Radio is a non-profit organization run by 3 who contribute their time, expertise and resources on a voluntary basis. Any money collected via donations, shirt sales or any other avenues go directly to any costs associated with running the station such as, broadcasting software, equipment, hardware, server fees, etc.

Rush Radio is located in Huntsville, Texas

Rush Radio.org promotes OFFICIAL Rush merchandise via official links associated with the band.

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